This portable massager is the ultimate stress-busting tool

Now that We have completed part-time training for the New York Marathon, my fleet of recovery tools has quickly become one of my most sought after possessions. Like a mother with many talented children, I never admit which one is my favorite. What I,#39;m going to say is that only one person is tiny and yet powerful enough to justify taking him everywhere. Everyone, please allow me to introduce Gaiam, Restore Mini On-The-Go Muscle Massager (9 USD).

I recently met this palm-sized accessory while visiting New York, Stretch * d Studio. Although I appreciate my foam roller and can not swarm enough of my Theragun, no one is accurate, good, portable. The Restore Mini is similar to a small chew toy for a dog, but is equipped to massage the knots in the biceps, back, thigh muscles, calves and much more. Gaiam even offers a massage guide that feels great all over your body.

Bethany Chang, my Stretch tells me that the burrs of the mini-scooter let him go deep (and I mean deep) into the most tense parts of your muscles. ,quot;The roller, small grooves allow it to penetrate deeper muscle layers, while a conventional smooth-surfaced foam roller treats the muscles superficially. The inconsistent surface, combined with the smaller size of this tool, allows you to go deeper into more specific points, ,quot;she says.

Chang loves to place the tool on the wall and rub it on her lower and upper back, and yes – that feels great.

Personally, my favorite part of the tool is that I do not even have to get up from my desk chair to use it. I sat on my shin and placed the device in the corner behind my kneecap to stretch my calves. I found articles while rolling the thing against my hamstrings. And when I worked alone in Well + Good, office, I even pulled my shoes off (gasping for air) to feel the massage knobs digging into my aching feet.

The 9-to-5 #desklife offers rare opportunities to take care of yourself and your body. So if a $ 9 tool works like your own masseuse, why would you say no in the name of recovery?

Curious about cryotherapy (another healing method)? This is how it looks like:

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