Say goodbye to muscle pain with this percussive massager

What do marathon runners and workout newbies have in common? They’re both headed for muscle soreness and general stiffness after their workouts. Stretching before and after you hit the gym can help, but there’s nothing like a good massage to reducing pain and enhancing mobility. If you want to reap the benefits of a massage without emptying your wallet for day spa prices, the TVRYA Therapy Muscle Massager has your back.

This tool leaves standard handheld massagers in the dust. It brings swift pain relief and reduces recovery time with rapid-fire, concentrated pulses. You can use it on almost any part of the body thanks to the five percussion attachments.

The small dampening ball soothes small muscle groups, while the large dampening ball helps with a more targeted massage. You can hit both sides of your Achilles muscle group or trapezius muscle with the fork attachment. The flat attachment can be used for gentler work on any muscle, and you can hit those painful trigger points with the cone attachment.

The Gun Massager usually costs $299.95. If you pick one up right now, you can soothe and stretch your muscles for only 50% off.

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